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Special Projects

Robinson Asphalts

Hihi Beach Foreshore Protection Project – Doubtless Bay

Robinson Asphalts in association with Rhodes for Roads undertook a major foreshore protection project at Hihi Beach. This was a community project driven by the Hihi Ratepayers. In particular Robinson Asphalts undertook the removal of an old existing concrete boat ramp and replaced it with a concrete beach access, which was designed to allow natural movement of sand and water along the beach, rather than the “groin” effect, which was caused by the old concrete ramp.

This was a challenging project – check out the photos. In addition there was the reclamation of a foreshore area, construction of a sea wall to protect this area, and the construction of a mudcrete wall along the foreshore to protect the toe of the bank, which had been rapidly eroding.

Pitcairn Island Project 

Pitcairn Island is located roughly half way between New Zealand and South America and is only accessible by ship. The Island is most famous for being the hideaway of the HMS Bounty mutineers, and more recently the high profile and controversial court cases and jailings.

Robinson Asphalts have undertaken several projects on the island in recent years. These projects have mainly been based around the construction of several buildings including the Jail! This involved all the products and materials having to be packaged up in New Zealand in kitset form, loaded onto a freighter for shipping to the island. Our staff would then fly out to Tahiti a week or so later where they would meet up with the ship for the final part of the journey to Pitcairn.

Once the ship finally reaches the Island things get real interesting as there is no wharf to tie up to. So to get all the materials, tools and our staff ashore first they must be transferred to one of the Islands longboats out in open water for what can be a very hairy trip to the Bounty Cove.

As Pitcairn Island is so isolated and ships only call infrequently it is not the place you want to forget to pack something!

Fortunately we had no major problems and managed to be finished on time to catch the ship for the return journey.

Planning and programming had to be spot on.

With the Pitcairn Island projects successfully completed it shows that we have what it takes to organise very complicated projects and logistics in one of the world’s most remote locations. By comparison projects around New Zealand are a piece of cake!

Whangarei Town Basin Project 

Robinson Asphalts were the contractors who completed the asphalting, paving and landscaping around the Whangarei Town Basin. This award - winning project was completed in 1994 and still looks great even now. So much so that at the time we were recognised by our peers in the New Zealand Contractors Federation who awarded us with the Caltex Construction 'Construction Award Merit Certificate'.

The job required earthworks, paver and asphalt laying, rock walls, timber wharf construction, the landscaping and planting, construction of steps and features. It is a project we are extremely proud of and believe that it is a great asset to the city of Whangarei and something that locals and visitors alike have and will continue to enjoy for many years to come. More recently we have been involved once again in stages of the Town Basin Revitalisation project – incorporating walkways and cycleways into this vibrant area.

So the next time you are down at the Basin enjoying a cup of coffee take some time to cast your eye around our workmanship…

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