Our Values & Promise

Our Promise

We are absolutely committed to delivering a first class job every time – no shortcuts, no hassles. We go the extra mile, we make it easy for you and we stand by our work.


Our Values

Our Guarantee

If you enter into a work contract with Robinson Asphalts, then our company guarantees that it will at all times in the course of that contract:

a) use our best endeavours to properly and fully perform the contract with you within the agreed time frame and the agreed parameters;

b) constantly monitor and review the job and maintain open, honest contact with you so that together we can achieve your objectives in the best and most satisfactory manner possible;

c) ensure that any concerns that you raise with us regarding the performance of your contract are dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner by company management and/or other company personnel who have the appropriate authority to act;

d) fulfil our obligations to you under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and any other legislation governing contracts of the nature entered into between us;

e) agree to any reasonable proposals to resolve disputes with you in the very unlikely event that together we are unable to resolve them; f) Ensure that the people we allocate to your job will have the skills and experience necessary to perform the job and will be a great fit for you and your job.